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Harvest Marathon Madness!  Begins - Last Bottle

Harvest Marathon Madness!

It’s grape harvest time in Napa Valley, and you KNOW what that means!!! HARVEST MARATHON MADNESS IS BACK --- TWO DEBAUCHEROUS DAYS OF HARROWING, HYPER-SPEEDY WINE-BLOWOUT MADNESS (over 50,000 bottles!!), starting at 9 AM tomorrow! Let’s get it on!!

Mark yourself as "do not disturb" on Thursday and Friday on the company calendar, download a 2-second browser refresher, upgrade your RAM, surround yourself with adult beverages and tasty snacks, crank your favorite Spotify playlist and and get ready to experience the most outrageous, sensationally deal-filled Marathon EVER! CABERNET, BORDEAUX, BRUNELLO, DESSERTS, PINOT NOIR, BURGUNDY, you name it, we’ll have it at UP TO 80% OFF. 

Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS (contiguous states)! TRUE Madness.

First time at this? Prepare to get ROCKED. Old hand at this? We have been stockpiling astounding deals for months - we promise, it is going to be a DOOZY, the biggest selection in 5 years. Here’s the scoop: 

For the next 2 days (or until we completely run out of wine), wines will appear at breakneck speed (breakneck speed, we are NOT exaggerating) on the website, and flip VERY quickly as they sell out. These are wines we get in limited quantities at crazy-good pricing, generally not enough to send out an email on, and you won't get any emails for the next two days, either. You'll need to keep hitting the "REFRESH" button on your browser to catch them all (the more you refresh, the more you will see, some sell out in seconds...!). Don't forget, the website will operate the same as with our daily offers, meaning each wine you purchase will be a single transaction. There is no cart saving your selections, so be sure to go through the purchase process on each wine! That's it - madness it is, and all first come, first served!!

Starting tomorrow at 9AM sharp (Napa time), we are embracing the madness of harvest and HAVING OUR BIGGEST BLOWOUT EVER -- HUNDREDS, POSSIBLY THOUSANDS, of unbelievable bargains from every corner of Planet Earth. Seriously - more BURGUNDY, cult Cabs, and Bordeaux than ever, not to mention large formats, older vintages, and hot-off-the-press goodies…all at market-crushing prices. Plus, FREE GROUND SHIPPING on ALL ORDERS (contiguous states)! TRUE Madness.

Finally - All orders placed during this marathon will be combined. We will require several weeks to stage and coordinate all the shipping, and we promise to contact you the moment your orders are ready to discuss your options depending where you live and the weather.

To all the winemakers, vineyard guys, grape farmers, truck drivers, cellar rats and owners, and all of us that will get to drink these wines, we raise a glass to you!! See you tomorrow!!

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