Omero Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge Willamette 2012  - Last Bottle

Omero Pinot Noir Ribbon Ridge Willamette 2012

BOOM! This is the most cracking good Oregon pinot we have tasted in many MANY months. 93 points from Wine Spectator to boot -- and we spent weeks getting the price to where anyone who loves classy pinot should be stocking up big time!! 2012 is a world-class vintage in Oregon and the wines are just flat-out KILLER....some of the finest EVER from this region! This price is stupendous!

You know, we're three guys (and a bunch of wacky employees) in Napa who really relish the fact that we can taste terrifying amounts of wine and literally cherry-pick the best (and then go to work on the price). It's a great job and we hope you dig what we're all honesty this really is one of the best wines from Oregon to come across our tasting bar -- truly delicious!

It's easy to compare Willamette to Burgundy. If you don't get all nationalistic about it, it really is just a general way to describe the overall experience, and this was one we wanted to have over and over. Brilliant, crisp, juicy cherries -- finely focused and pure. Elegant and finesse-filled texture, balance, harmony and finish are all here, with a touch of sweet mulling spices and cloves. Refined...polished and long. Just killer, what else to say? Awesome price, never to be seen again....while it lasts....!

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