Manzone Barolo Gramolere 2011  - Last Bottle

Manzone Barolo Gramolere 2011

“Oh, pour me a drink of Italian red wine,

Let me taste it and call back to mind

Once more in my thoughts, once more to my soul

This story as great, if not greater, than all” --- Woody Guthrie

Exactly, Woody. This insanely drinkable, majestic Barolo from our much-loved MANZONE takes us right back to the plunging, vine-covered hills of Monforte d’Alba!! So amazing! 91 POINTS, great-drinking vintage (rare for Barolo)! WAY OVER 50% OFF!

Our love for the Manzone family and wines runs deep. You too, of course, as it is one of our all-time LB faves. 2011s are drinking SUPERBLY right now -- so cool that we snagged a bit more of this from the winery. Drink it NOW, tonight, the moment the box hits your porch or desk or whatever. Drink it and revel in the pure cherry fruit, dried cherries, black tea, hint of tangerine, and warm spicy toasted spices on the back end, all just swirling together in perfect harmony! So much winning. AHHH! Stop us! It’s only 9:12 AM for goodness sake…

If you are EVER in the Barolo area, we encourage you to stop by Manzone and tell ‘em hello. If you’re lucky, you might get a little vitello tonnata or other mouth-watering snack, too. But in the MEANTIME, rejoice that we have a bit more of this luscious ‘11 to sell! Amazing price!

In 1925 Manzone Giovanni purchased “Ciabot del Preve” (the Parish Priest house) and he started the winemaking in Monforte d’Alba.
During the years the Manzone family purchased important vineyards on the historic hill of “CASTELLETTO” and “GRAMOLERE”, two of the best crus in Monforte d'Alba.
In the last years Mauro (2005) and Mirella Manzone (2012) joined their father Giovanni in the management of the winery. Mauro and Mirella are graduated from the famed Oenology School of Alba.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Piemonte
Appellation: Barolo
Blend: Nebbiolo
Varietal: Nebbiolo
Vineyard: Gramolere vineyard in Monforte d’Alba. VInes are 21-42 years old.
Winemaker: Giovanni, Mauro and Mirella Manzone
Farming: Sustainable through integrated pest control
Aging/Cooperage: In big casks and in 500/700 litre barrels for 30 months
Harvest Date: first and second weeks of October
Alcohol: 14

About The Producer

Manzone Giovanni winery is located in Monforte d’Alba, Piedmont.
The entire production is focused on high- quality and limited to about 50,000 bottles per year. The vineyard ELEVATION (350-500 metres, 1,100-1600 feet), the EXTREME STEEPNESS and the GREAT TERROIR foster naturally low-yielding vines which produce wines that are approachable while young, yet remain amongst the most concentrated and longest-lived of all Barolos.
We cultivate our vineyards following healthy and sustainable viticultural principles Natural grass is left between the rows of vines, mowed and left on the ground to form humus. All the wines are unclarified and unfiltered, and added in minimal amounts of SO2.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Pasta, Lamb, Game (deer, venison)

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