Galardi Terra di Lavoro 2013  - Last Bottle

Galardi Terra di Lavoro 2013

Throw your hands in the air, and wave ‘em like you just don’t care!

Hey there! How about a nice, friendly, light red? Then you better look elsewhere!! It’s the last day of 2018, it’s hella-cold and what we need is a 94-POINT, 50% OFF, CHISELED, monumental, prodigious blockbuster Italian collector wine!! What a year!! Let’s go out in style, shall we!!

COLLECTORS -- This is one for the ages, one to show off, one to covert for drinking in 10 years or so (although, nothing bad will happen if you drink it sooner!). Terra di Lavoro is made from the intensely concentrated, dark, and somewhat mysterious Aglianico grape and is always among the very-highest-scoring of ALL Italian wines year after year, making rockstar, colossal and crazily, wonderfully deep and complex. Not for the shy!! After such an amazing year of kickass wines, this is just the cherry on top at our price!! Woo hoo!

OK, put on your party hat-- this beast is READY to tear it UP. Fantastic scents and flavors of figs, fig jam, deeply toasted woodsmoke, incense, crushed black currants, red raspberry jam, with a refreshing streak of lip-smacking freshness, rich and mouthcoating. WOW wow wow wine!! So layered and powerful but not heavy in any way. A CLASSIC!! AT this price?? We mentioned 94 points, right?? We love you guys so much, thanks for a great year of smokin’ deals and even better drinking and sharing. Peace! See you next year!!

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