Evandria Garnacha Seleccion 2015  - Last Bottle

Evandria Garnacha Seleccion 2015

EXTREMADURA --- now THAT is a cool name to drop to your friends, who will be going “WHOA! What’s THIS?” as you explain to them that this wine hails from Extremadura in western Spain -- the home of Iberian pigs (oh, that ham…) and wild herbs galore. No need, however, to tell them you scored this killer, juicy, complex, minerally Garnacha for a WHOPPINGLY gnarly-wicked price --- twelve bucks!! (Actually...what are we saying -- tell them and get some referral credits, too!)

Anyway, back to the massive over-delivering-ness of this lovely wine --- can you say strawberry jam? Not too sweet, not too heavy, just shockingly good for the money --- juicy, bright red cherry, a good dash of spicecake and clove, with terrific, balanced structure and length. This is an LB favorite for at least several years now and a family-run enterprise in this “extreme” region if we ever had one --- those who know, KNOW! You saw that price, right??

Not a lot this year! We still can’t believe the price!

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"Years of dedication in our Evandria vineyards have allowed us to reestablish traditional local grape varieties and nurture the unique colors and characteristics of their wines. The results are the distinctive Evandria wines made from genuine Iberian grape varieties. Although modern technology allows us to rediscover and sustain our roots, it is only by putting our heart and soul into our work that we can strive to produce a wine reflecting the unique personality of its origin and the people behind it."

Technical Details

Country: Spain
Varietal: 100% Garnacha
Aging/Cooperage: Hand harvested; aged for 6 months in French oak
Alcohol: 14.50%

About The Producer

Evandria is the original Roman name of the village where the vines and surrounding estate are located. The soil where Evandria vineyard stands used to be a lake, therefore rocks and stones are predominant. These stones and rocks have been shaped along the years by the river Guadiana creating round pebbles. The singular nature of the Evandria soil attracted the attention of winemaker Amelia Coloma, who has ever since, dedicated herself to the Evandria project. 

Pairing Suggestions

Cheese, game, pasta, carpaccios.

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