Domaine Tour Saint Michel Chateauneuf du Pape Des Deux Soeurs 2015  - Last Bottle

Domaine Tour Saint Michel Chateauneuf du Pape Des Deux Soeurs 2015

Skydiving over Lake Tahoe is probably a little more exciting than drinking this powerhouse 93-POINT Chateauneuf (at over 50% OFF, natch), but only by a little. YES! We got more! You asked, we flew to Avignon and got as much as we could carry. Super-limited!

Hey, we get it. When you bought this from us last year, you didn’t know you were going to FLIP OUT for it as much as you did -- thus the deluge of emails. HERE you go!! Domaine Tour Saint Michel, dating back to the 30s, has been on a massive TEAR since 2007 or so when critics began heaping huge praise and scores all over this estate, and in 2015 they made another mind-blower of a wine. 93 points at this price??!

This just SINGS with pure, brilliant, savory, amazing raspberry and kirsch and that ineffable sweet herb nose that only Chateauneuf can own -- rosemary, sweet mint, fennel, Provencal herbs...ahhh! So good! And all in a featherweight texture with a touch of grip at the end. It’s perfect. Wonderful. Happy-place kind of thing. Will drink terrifically for 10+ years, if you can hold it (we won’t be able to), but whatever you do, AT THIS PRICE, get a bunch!! While it lasts, that is….!

Technical Details

Alcohol: 14%

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