Mark Herold Flux Proprietary Red 2014  - Last Bottle

Mark Herold Flux Proprietary Red 2014

F-F-F-Friday!! Woot!! We love you guys, so here is a kickass weekend red if we have EVER had one!! Mark Herold! The man behind the early Merus wines, Kamen and his own label….how many 95-100 point wines has he made?? Don’t bother looking, because we might sell out of this while you do…exhilaratingly intense and satisfying for this price!

Man, this is a no-brainer, fat, juicy, rich, sappy and spicy red blend that almost drinks like one of those big-time, blockbuster, high-scoring Chateauneuf-du-Papes!! But it is $15!! Not $50 or $80, no sir!

Fruit bomb, for sure, but also terrifically perfumey and spicy -- it reminds us of walking into your local killer coffee shop where they make their own pastries...heady scents of roasting beans, cocoa, chai spices, baked bread, fruit jam...ohhhhh. We guarantee this will make you think -- “I shoulda got more…..” and at this price it is highly suggested! OK, have a splendid weekend, would you? We are heading to Whole Foods right now for carne asada taco fixins…..did we mention $15???? See ya!

FLUX Red is an extremely food friendly wine and the prominent varietal Grenache gives this wine beautiful, bright fruit notes; the Syrah adds a savory note and exotic spice lifting all of the aromatics.  The Mourvedre is what gives this wine the luscious, unctuous palate. This classic is celebrating its sixth vintage in the Mark Herold stable of sexy, Mediterranean inspired reds.  2014 Flux sparkles like a dark, ruby jewel.  Aromas of wild strawberries, bright red raspberries and ripe pomegranates soar from the glass.  Beautiful notes of rose petals, dusty red soil, tea box, cotton candy, marzipan and chaparral add incredible depth and complexity to the focused, red fruit profile. The wine greets your palate eagerly, yet is balanced and elegant with supple almost velvet-like tannins.  The long, juicy finish will have you reaching for another glass!

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: California
Varietal: 76% Grenache/15% Mourvedre/9% Syrah
Winemaker: Mark Herold
Alcohol: 15.60%

About The Producer

The FLUX wines are an homage to Rhone.  French varietals grown in California. Lake County, Lodi and Mendocino. The name is indicative of Mark Herold’s transition from Cabernet Sauvignon to alternative varietals and the scientific belief that flux can give birth to new and exciting forms.

Mark started his first venture into the wine world at Joseph Phelps Vineyards as the Research Enologist. There Mark was able to bridge the scientific method with practices in winemaking in order to determine which procedures really make the best expressions of wine quality and seamless oak integration. 

Mark’s enthusiasm for making wine took on a life of its own leading to the creation of Merus in 1998; his personal Cabernet label.  Being made in his home garage in downtown Napa, this project was a labor of love.  After selling Merus, Mark continues his quest for making delicious, balanced, age-worthy wines at Mark Herold Wines.

Mark is a Taurus and his favorite food is Sushi.  You will find him most often in his kitchen at home, cooking for family and friends, drinking cider.

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