Amavi Cellars Syrah Walla Walla 2014  - Last Bottle

Amavi Cellars Syrah Walla Walla 2014

Windfall. Blessing. Boon. Bonanza! Seriously, what do you call a 93-POINT powerhouse for this price? Godsend? Fat of the land? Largesse? Take your pick!! But whatever you do, DO IT as briskly and expediently as you possibly can! WOW!

Walla Walla continues to just CRUSH it, especially for Syrah, and we’re beyond stoked to have snagged a bit of this up-and-comer at a WICKED low price (to say the least!). This is Syrah for the adventurer, Syrah for drinking with gusto after a long day of Class 5 river rafting, freeclimbing in Zion, participating in a nunchuck challenge or honestly, for most of us, after mowing the lawn. But man, it is is soul-warming Syrah at its finest!! THE PRICE!! The madness continues, apparently…

HUGE, perfumey nose of crushed red and blue fruit, like you just went to the fruit stand and started squeezing everything in sight. Plums, berries, pluots, blueberry, you name it, squeeze it. But this is Syrah, so it's got a light kick of olives, teriyaki and pipe tobacco, with the perfect amount of baking spice. Warm and generous and texturally pretty silky for such a large-scaled wine. A colossal no-brainer in our book if you love big, rich, flavorful stuff! Will go fast!

Amavi Cellars signifies love (amor) and life (vita) through our wines, which are 100% estate, 100% Certified Sustainable,  and 100% Walla Walla Valley.

Located in the heart of Walla Walla wine country, our winery & tasting room offer sweeping views of surrounding Pepper Bridge Vineyard as well as the beautiful Blue Mountains. Dedicated stewards of the land, we are committed to making a positive impact both within our estate vineyards and within our community.

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: Washington
Appellation: Walla Walla Valley
Blend: Syrah, Grenache
Varietal: 96% Syrah, 4% Grenache
Vineyard: 40% Les Collines, 26% Stone Valley, 20% Seven Hills, 10% Pepper Bridge, 4% Summit View
Winemaker: Jean-François Pellet
Farming: 100% estate; sustainably farmed.
Aging/Cooperage: 100% French; 86% neutral; 14% new
Harvest Date: 9/16 - 10/14/2014
Alcohol: 14.60%

About The Producer

Small family owned. Two generations of the three families in ownership which are active in management of the winery and the vineyards. Dedicated to producing estate grown wines that showcase the distinct personality of this region.

Quality, hospitality and sustainability are their underlying values. The estate vineyards: Les Collines, Seven Hills, Pepper Bridge, Octave, Goff, and Summit View, are farmed sustainably.  They build up the soil's health rather than deplete it and seek out earth-friendly alternatives to fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.  They are committed to not only preserving, but also improving the land for future generations.

Pairing Suggestions

Drink with bbq, roasted lamb or chicken, ratatouille

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