I Veroni Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2017 (500 mL)  - Last Bottle

I Veroni Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2017 (500 mL)

You know all those other wine sites make up their own “scores” for the wines they offer? Well, we don’t, ‘cause we like to roll super-legit. HOWEVER, we are awarding a rare 98 points to this luscious, fantastically complex I VERONI olive oil (our third harvest with them!), BUT, we’re bumping that to 99+ IF it is drizzled over a massive, proper Tuscan bistecca alla Fiorentina steak from the prized Chianina beef! Skip your next $25+ purchase at Whole Foods or whatever, and get the REAL DEAL stuff, direct from the winery!! Amazing price! We drink tons of wine, but we EAT a lot, too! Trust your hungry wanna-be chef wine merchant!

** If you have tried the last few vintages of this oil, you already KNOW how good it is. If you’re new….man, do not miss it!! Hot off the press and packaged in cans (the best for preserving oil!!). This is what is called a “finishing” oil --- it is meant to add last minute to pasta, meat, grilled veggies, and our favorite here in Napa --- heirloom tomatoes. Oh, lordy….

2017 harvest, like with the wines, is a small but excellent vintage. We got WAY LESS this year (I guess the rest of the world is catching on, good thing we got in the door early!!). The olives are hand picked during the month of November, and cold-pressed immediately after the picking, only extra virgin. The flavor this year is intense and perfumed, with a rich, mouthcoating, unctuous texture, and after you swallow you get the whole complex picture.  It is at this moment filling our office with aromatics of roasted nuts, musk, "soave" (a sweet finish), grilled artichokes, butter, white pepper, and sweet grass. It is AWESOME. you can literally almost drink it...but add some salt, some crusty bread, a steak, a fish, a bowl of pasta...seriously ANYTHING that you would use for the finest ingredients you can possibly obtain!! ONLY HERE at Last bottle! Super-limited!

A Consumer Reports study found only 9 out of 23 olive oils passed as being extra virgin olive oil. Sadly the olive oil industry is filled with shady practices and fraud. Thankfully we're connected with I Veroni, who makes some absolutely fantastic, 100% authentic, EVOO that's lip-smacking good!

Technical Details

Alcohol: 0%

About The Producer

The olive oil is produced exclusively from 4,000 olive trees extending over an area of about 40 hectares located on the hill of San Martino a Quona. Three types of the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties are carefully cultivated during the growing season before being hand picked during the month of November, and pressed immediately. 

Pairing Suggestions

Use it to whip up a tasty salad dressing or drizzle on top of fresh pasta or soup. Serve as a dip with bread, or drizzle on top of a grilled steak, or tomatoes with fresh burrata and basil. The possibilities are endless!

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