Catena Malbec Argentina 2015 (Half Bottle)  - Last Bottle

Catena Malbec Argentina 2015 (Half Bottle)

Goodness. All we can say is we wish we could have bought 10X the amount we were able to….92 POINTS (plus 91 from The Wine Advocate!), $9….$9!! Do you have any idea how little scrilla that is?? We’ll be sneaking these bad boys into the movies for the next year!! Woo hoo!

A PSA: as noted, this is NOT enough to go around. PLEASE engage all your energy toward snagging this while you can.

Malbec! It’s what Argentina DOES. And CATENA does it shockingly well (they planted their first vineyard in 1902, when Teddy Roosevelt was prez) --- just Google the scores these guys have racked up over the years!! Once you pop this handy little bottle,  be ready for the mad rush of blood to the head -- blackberry for days, crushed flowers, bitter chocolate, even a bit of espresso-like notes, titillating acidity and a long, almost Cabernet-like finish -- rich and powerful. ASTOUNDING for this price. We’re not going to say another word! Get it while you can!

The Catena wines are a blend of single varietal lots from the Catena family’s vineyards. Each vineyard is divided into lots that are harvested separately, and specially prepared to be part of the final blend of each Catena wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Chardonnay. By blending components from different terroirs and altitudes, the aim is to create the most balanced and expressive wine. 

Technical Details

Country: Argentina
Region: Mendoza
Varietal: 100% Malbec
Vineyard: Blend of 4 high-altitude vineyards - vineyards are divided into lots that are harvested at different times
Winemaker: Laura Cantena and Alejandro Vigil
Alcohol: 13%
PH: 3.75

About The Producer

Bodega Catena Zapata is a family-owned winery located in Mendoza, Argentina. The winery was founded in 1902 by Italian immigrant Nicola Catena and the winery was passed down to his son Domingo. Domingo’s son, Nicolás Catena Zapata, was a pioneer to introduce European winemaking techniques to Argentina, including the introduction of Malbec and vine growing in high altitudes. Nicolás Catena’s daughter, Laura Catena, and other members of the Zapata family, have also been involved in the winery.

Argentina’s Bodega Catena Zapata is known for its pioneering role in resurrecting Malbec and in discovering extreme high altitude terroirs in the Andean foothills of Mendoza. The family’s Adrianna Vineyard at almost 5,000 feet elevation has been called the Grand Cru of South America.

Pairing Suggestions

Pair with roast turkey, grilled steak, salmon, and pasta with red sauce.

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