Bodega Elias Mora Descarte 2014  - Last Bottle

Bodega Elias Mora Descarte 2014

How about a nice light red? No, you say? No, what I need tonight is a rip-roaring thrill ride of a wine, you say? Well, we hope you can handle it…this is a BEAST of a deal at 94 POINTS and 50% OFF! A colossal new wine from the legendary Elias Mora!! We’ve sold this only one other time and there’s less of the ‘14!

This is not for the shy or retiring (really, don’t bother if you are) --- Elias Mora's wines are truly the stuff of collectors and connoisseurs of the Toro region of Spain. Made from old-vine Tempranillo in the extreme conditions the area is famous for, the Tinto de Toro as it is known locally, has been grown here for 2000 years! When Elias Mora hit the scene in 2000, they were almost instant superstars. An incredible experience for everyone to try at least once --- and at our price, it is a huge no-brainer.

Massive aromas and flavors of spice box, mocha, woodsmoke, torrefaction (roasting coffee beans) start you off, then you get hints of dark chocolatey fruit, black currant, blueberry just keeps coming. Rich, intense and super-spicy/long, with some GRIP!! Wow! See for yourself at this crazy-fine price we managed to score, while we have it!

Intense purple with ruby glints. Complex with very intense red ripe berry fruit notes. Well balanced and powerful but at the same time surprisingly fresh. Tasty, concentrated and fruity with very soft texture. Fruity and lingering finish.

Technical Details

Country: Spain
Region: Castilla y León
Appellation: Toro
Varietal: 100% Tinta de Toro (Tempranillo)
Winemaker: Victoria Benavides
Aging/Cooperage: 12 months in French oak barrels.
Alcohol: 14.50%
PH: 3.47
TA: 5.8g/100mLs

About The Producer

Since 2000, the winery has been managed by the oenologist Victoria Benavides. The winery takes its name from the previous owner of these prestigious vineyards, namely Señor Elias Mora. 

Our ethos is to marry the past with the present, combining the valuable knowledge of previous generations with the best aspects of modern technology and all that it implies. To sum it up, our philosophy could be well described as: the winery at the heart of the vineyard and barrels at the heart of the wine. Out of respect for the environment we only use natural products for our wines: oak, natural cork and glass. 

Situated between the Duero and Hornija rivers, the soil is comprised of large pebbles over a bed of Pliocene limestone, which is low in organic content. The extreme continental climate compounded with the scarcity of rainfall (400 mm /year) improves the quality of the Tinta de Toro grape. 

All our wines are made 100% of Tinta de Toro grapes. It is ideally suited for this terrain and boasts hundreds of years of viniculture. It makes every vintage and every bottle a unique and rewarding experience.

Pairing Suggestions

Perfect with smoked mushrooms, soft meats, game birds and blue fish.

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