Mas des Patres La Clape (Negly) 2015  - Last Bottle

Mas des Patres La Clape (Negly) 2015

In the mood for a light, easy quaffer? HIT DELETE! This ain’t it!

What it IS…..a monumentally satisfying, rich, spicy rockstar of a wine for a pittance, a shekel, nary a smidgen of scratch…$12!! Astounding! 89-91+ POINTS, way more than 50% OFf release price!! Oh, and...this is from NEGLY!! Negly is a winery that can DO. NO. WRONG, whether we are talking about their $30, $75, or $125 wines...these guys are brilliant, omnipotent beings when it comes to Languedoc savory deliciousness! A bunch of pallets direct from the Domaine just arrived...but we WILL sell out in a flash regardless...

TWELVE DOLLARS. It seems impossible. Anyway, moving on from our speechless astonishment...Mas de Patres is part of the Negly family of wines --- they of the regularly-scoring 98/99/100 point blockbusters. This wine comes from the same region in Languedoc (La Clape) as the other Negly wines and is Grenache/Syrah with a bit of Cinsault/Carignan--- bold, warm, soothing and oh-so succulent happy-making juice if we’ve ever had any...did we mention $12? We did. OK. So- think purple-y dark fruits, savory strawberry, soy, cracked pepper, and sweet herbs. ‘15 is a superb vintage and the wine is powerful and long-lasting, with a round, rich, masculine sort of feel to it (trying to think of a male celebrity we could allude to, any ideas? Send your humble scribe a suggestion to us. How about….George Clooney? Hugh Jackman? JT? Springsteen?)

Whatever...please hurry to snag this. It will amaze and delight, we promise!! While it lasts..!

The robe is purple and shiny. On the nose it is elegant and expressive with aromas of red fruits and gentle spices. The palate is rich,offering pleasant fruity and spicy notes accompanied by the tannins.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Languedoc Roussillon
Appellation: D'Origine Protegee
Varietal: 30% Grenache, 30% Syrah, 25% Cinsault, 15% Carignan
Winemaker: Claude Gros
Aging/Cooperage: Aged for 10 months on lees
Alcohol: 14%

About The Producer

The Château de la Négly is located in Languedoc, overlooking the Mediterranean, in the massif of La Clape. Thanks to an exceptionally privileged geographical location, a unique chemistry of the elements takes place: stroked by the sea spray, buffeted between the Tramontane and the sea wind, this Land bathed in sun, captures the heat which warms up the berries that become saturated with golden light. The grape avidly receives the treasures that nature offers. Now it can commence its slow ripening, the generous transformation of what has been offered. It’s here, in this terroir rich in alluvium, that the jewels of the Château de la Négly are created with patience and skill in total compliance with the authentic ancestral tradition.
This tradition has been perpetuated by this distinguished winery and the wine issued here has carried the denomination of Château since the beginning of its history. In the 18th century, the Château carried the name of Ancely. It was in 1781 that the owner took the name Nerly to finally call it La Négly in 1807.

Pairing Suggestions

grilled, stewed and braised meats like beef, veal, pork, chicken and game

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