Salmon Zero Dosage Champagne Special Club 2012  - Last Bottle

Salmon Zero Dosage Champagne Special Club 2012

“This wine is too good for toast-drinking, my dear. You don’t want to mix emotions up with a wine like that. You lose the taste.” ---Ernest Hemingway

And TASTE this 93-POINTER (!) you MUST! Celebrate it! Love it! Grower bubbly that we are known and loved for!! We LOVE the guys at Champagne Salmon!! A rare cuvee for special, by far, the finest pricing you can comprehend! Nearly 60% OFF!! Bring it!

Salmon exports only 10% of its already tiny production, so this really is a rarity. Not only is this the vintage 2012 Special Club (read about the Club HERE, there are only 28 members of this special group) bottling, it is a bone-dry, ultra-racy, awesome “Zero Dosage” (meaning no additional sugar is added as is more common), all from the 2012 vintage! If you like your bubbly with ELECTRIC freshness and vibrancy, this will rock your world. Hailing from the small town of Chaumuzy, Champagne Salmon is a three generation winemaking family founded in 1958. This bottling is crazy complex, fine and brisk, with crisp green apples, citrus blossoms, mineral and lemon curd...we'd love to put it up against some of the much-pricier bubblies out fact, we encourage you to do just that!!

So precious little is made…just a crazy-terrific buy, too...did we mention 93 points?? Wow!

Of the roughly 19,000 growers in Champagne about 5,000 of them make their own wine, aka “Grower Champagne”. Only 28 are part of the exclusive "Club Tresors de Champagne" otherwise known as the Special Club.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Chaumuzy
Appellation: Marne Valley
Blend: 100% Pinot Meunier
Varietal: Pinot Meunier
Alcohol: 12%

About The Producer

The Salmon winemaking legacy spans three generations, and their history of growing grapes stretches back even further. Michel, the grandfather, was born and raised in Chaumuzy, a sleepy little town in the Ardre Valley. He worked in the vineyards most of his life before acquiring a plot of land for himself. In 1958 he produced the first vintage, a grand total of 500 bottles. Today he still hangs around, but his son Oliver and grandson Alexandre maintain the day to day operations and total annual production tops out at around 100,000 bottles.

Unlike the big producers, who combine fruit from all over the place to create a uniform style, Special Club members must be designated RM (Recoltant Maker, or a grower-producer) and use only fruit from their estate vineyards to create the most epic vintage bottling possible. Members submit wine to two blind tasting panels, and if judged good enough, the wine goes into a uniquely shaped bottle. Three years later, they release it to the delight of hardcore bubbly lovers around the world.

In addition to making wine, Oliver and his son share a passion for piloting hot air balloons, something that’s expressed in the sculpture in front of the winery and on the logo of their Montgolfiere line of wines.

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