Ca'Erto Ripasso Della Valpolicella 2016  - Last Bottle

Ca'Erto Ripasso Della Valpolicella 2016

It’s BACK!! Oh yes!! If you’ve already had your “Ripasso epiphany”, then you already KNOW about this wine (and have already gone to some!), but if not, well, you are about to have your Italian “bang for the buck” mind blown --- completely, utterly blown for our jaw-dropper price of fifteen bucks. An outrageous buy -- every home in the land should have a case of this on hand at all times!!

Ripasso is a glorious wine. A LUSTY, generous, insanely yummy wine. The winemaking method is very cool, too -- after an Amarone wine is created (more on this here at our blog), the leftover grape bits (aka pomace) are strained off and added to Valpolicella Classico. This enables the fermenting wine to have richer, spicier, more intense flavors. In the spectacular 2016 vintage, it’s probably the BEST Ripasso wine we have ever sold. And ALL THIS bounty and beneficence for a heart-stopping $15! This is considered a steal even at the original $30 price!

This might put you in the mind of a juicy, ripe Zinfandel, but it’s lighter on its feet while packing in so much flavor. CAUTION --- this is oh-so easy to drink -- and keep drinking. SO, so good, and has a lot of the character of the much-loved Amarone, without the often-scary price tag. Deep jammy black cherry, sweet tobacco leaf, espresso and toffee, with spices and cinnamon galore, all without being heavy. Wonderful. Delightful. Instantly happy-making - we promise. GET IT QUICK! Not a lot to go around!

Monte Tondo (Ca'Erto) estate can be found nestled in the gentle hills of Soave, just a few kilometers from Verona, on a slope overlooking the valley. Here the soils range from volcanic to chalky, which alongside the varying microclimates, gives the wines distinctive flavor characteristics and individualistic style.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Amarone della Valpolicella
Appellation: Veneto
Blend: 70% Corvina; 30% Rondinella
Vineyard: Vineyard production area in the DOC area in Campiano, municipality of cazzano di Tramigna.
Winemaker: Gino Magnabosco

About The Producer

Three generations have handed down the precious art of wine-making, born from a love for their land and their roots, together with the knowledge that it is only through hard work, drive, and determination that the best results can be obtained. In the hills, vine-grower Gino Magnabosco, together with his family, carry on this very passion that traditions have handed down. They are attentive to any new improvement in grape producing technology in order to guarantee wine of the best quality to represent the area in which it is produced. 

Along side his family, winemaker Gino Magnabosco is part of the third generation to run the estate. They believe that hard work, drive and determination are key to obtaining the best results from their land. Maintaining, nourishing and cherishing the land of their ancestors is of up most importance. And although not certified, they farm using organic practices and an environmentally friendly approach to both viticulture and vinification.

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