Les Fleurs Du Lac Bordeaux Blanc (Lagrange) 2016  - Last Bottle

Les Fleurs Du Lac Bordeaux Blanc (Lagrange) 2016

Struck by lightning lately? No? STEEL YOURSELF. Steely white Sauvignon Blanc from Bordeaux at a rocking killer price, more than 50% OFF!

Chateau Lagrange is a much-respected St. Julien estate that started making a bit of white (originally just for their own consumption, really, who can blame them??) until savvy drinkers craving minerally bliss discovered it, and, now, well, it’s $40. NOT TODAY! No --- we did what we do and came up with something a little better to say the least.

ZIPPY, racy, lip-smacking white with surprising complexity and texture, poppin’ with lemon creme and citrus fruits, a bit of sexy richness from a little French oak barrel time, and a fine sense of class and terrifying drinkability. Really! We know because…well, besides the fact that is it is 9:12 and already the staff has grabbed their ration of it for later, we basically already finished a glass. So...breakfast white! Seriously, an outrageous buy at the price we hooked up. BUT!!! Very little!! Please grab it A.S.A.P!!

"Located entirely within the appellation of Saint-Julien, our vineyard stretches in a single block over two North-South rises of Gunzian gravelly soil. In parts large and coarse and in others finer, this gravel is combined with sand or iron-rich clay depending on the plot. With an altitude of 24 meters, the center of the domain marks the highest point of Saint-Julien. The estate covers 182 hectares (450 acres), of which 118 hectares (292 acres) are under vine. Most of the plots benefit from a drainage system."

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Medoc, Bordeaux
Appellation: Saint-Julien
Blend: 60% Sauvignon Blanc, 20% Sauvignon Gris, and 20% Semillon
Varietal: Bordeaux Blanc
Alcohol: 13%

About The Producer

The Japanese group, Suntory, acquired the domain when the purchase was signed by the company president, Mr Keizo Saji, in 1983. Marcel Ducasse was then recruited along with Kenji Suzuta to undertake the complete restructuring of the vineyard and a spectacular renovation of the whole estate. This first step was to mark the rebirth of CHATEAU LAGRANGE.

After twenty years of dedicated work, as well as human and technical investments, Lagrange had once again found recognition amidst its peers and had achieved a certain sense of fulfillment. Today a new tandem, Matthieu Bordes and Keiichi Shiina, have taken over this quest for excellence. A second phase of investments began with the 2008 vintage, offering Lagrange the technical means to follow its ambitions: The production of refined, elegant and expressive wines, in the best Saint-Julien style. There has also been an evolution of production methods towards a greater awareness of the environment and a reduction of ecological impact on the property. This philosophy is reflected not only in the respect shown for the domain’s history, and the nurturing of its truly exceptional terroir, but also in the unique experiences shared all over the world around a glass of one of Lagrange’s wines.

Pairing Suggestions

Pairs well with sushi, pesto, and creme brulee!

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