La Fortuna Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2012  - Last Bottle

La Fortuna Brunello di Montalcino Riserva 2012

(eyes pop, jaw drops, blood pressure drops briefly then increases tremendously, brain scrambles to function, twitching ensues, mouth waters, panic begins to set in….)

Well, that’s what happened to us, anyway. WOW WOW WOW! Gotta move like The Flash today!!

  • One of our (and your) favorite wineries, anywhere. Brunello brilliance!! Plus they grill steak in their fireplace (we have video)!

  • 2012 RISERVA!

  • 97 POINTS Wine Spectator!

  • Our man-I-love-Last-Bottle-more-than-ice-cream, everything is great in the world price!!

On that note -- the price. We poked around and it is rather extraordinary when you look at the other 3 wines that scored 97 or more in the Riserva category.

  • ‘12 Altesino -- 98 points, $150

  • ‘12 Fuligni -- 98 points, $210

  • ‘12 Poggio di Sotto -- 97 points, $500

Well, you get the idea. In fact, we’ll simply log off, leave this here, say no more other than, if you love serious Brunello, you will probably NEVER find a better bottle or better deal than this, possibly. A wine for special occasions to say the least….get some before we buy it all!!

When it comes to fulfilling our deepest Brunello fantasies we have a few producers we consistently look to, La Fortuna being one of them. They strike a perfect balance between the old winemaking tradition and the modern style that came to rise a few decades ago.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Appellation: Montalcino
Blend: 100% Sangiovese
Varietal: Sangiovese
Winemaker: Gioberto Zannoni
Aging/Cooperage: 12 months in 225lt France oak barrels 24 months in 25Hl Slavonian oak barrels
Alcohol: 14.50%

About The Producer

La Fortuna is one of the oldest wineries in the area. They’re a 100% family-owned operation run by the father/son duo of Angiolino (son) and Gioberto Zannoni (father) along with his wife Felicetta.

They began in 1907, with Angiolino Zannoni, Gioberto’s great grandfather, growing seed crops and raising livestock. His son Gino followed suit, taking over in the 1950s at a time when the economic landscape was changing dramatically — people were fleeing the land in droves to take manufacturing jobs in the cities. Gino knew he wanted none of that, and so he bought the land his family was farming from the landlord.

The entire estate is centered around their centuries old Tuscan farmhouse, where the family has lived for over a century. Around 20 acres of vines are planted between two vineyard sites, one near Fulginiae and the other in the south near Castelnuovo dell’Abate. The northern site is a bit cooler, while the southern vineyards are warmer and each year they blend fruit from both locations, the quantity changing depending on the conditions in each.

Pairing Suggestions

Rustic dishes like Tuscan sausages and beans or pappardelle with wild boar (cinghiale) or hare (lepre) sauce 

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