Head High Pinot Noir Three Sticks 2014  - Last Bottle

Head High Pinot Noir Three Sticks 2014

That’s it. We’re done. We’ll never top this. Nope. Shut the front door. You’ve been asking for years…HERE IT IS!!

HEAD HIGH!!! How high?! So high!! LISTEN -- if you know about Head High, you’re already off and buying some (get more than you think you will want…!), but if need to PULL OVER THE CAR, drop your current activity for 30 seconds or so, and make absolutely sure you get some of this, OK? We love you madly and deeply and it would be a cryin’ shame to miss this one --- at nearly 60% OFF, are we crazy?? How did we even DO this?? Manna from heaven, kids, don’t look away. DIVE, and dive deep.

(takes breath). OK.

Fact is, Head High is our best-selling, fastest-selling, best-loved, most-beloved, most-re-requested wine we have EVER done since we opened the virtual doors in 2011. We have a wall in the warehouse we papered with all the emails begging for more Head High. We’ve been working on this deal for MONTHS --- please don’t miss it! PINOT!

This hails from some killer raw material --- DURELL, SANGIACOMO, and WILDCAT CANYON to name a few. Winemaker Sam Spencer aged it in 100% French oak (25% new). It’s SAVORY. You know how when you are legit hungry, you’ve ordered, and that crispy chicken sandwich or bowl of ramen or whatever your jam is lands and makes you start salivating? This wine does that. SAVORY. It’s big and dark, fresh and crisp, earthy, juicy and sweet all at the same time. You get a different hit of something every sip. Dark cherry, sweet spice, snappy cranberry, cola…just ridiculously easy-drinking. AT THIS PRICE?! Madness we say! We will likely sell out, even though we bought as much as we could...move FAST!

Pinot Noir sourced from Durell, Wildcat, and Sangiacomo vineyards to name just a few -- for an otherworldly of price of $13? No, you haven't slipped into an alternate universe. 

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: Sonoma County
Appellation: Sonoma
Blend: 100% Pinot Noir
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Vineyard: Sourced from multiple including Durell, Wildcat, Sangiacomo
Winemaker: Sam Spencer
Farming: Sustainable
Aging/Cooperage: 10 months in barrel (100% French oak), 25% new oak
Alcohol: 14.50%
PH: 3.83

About The Producer

Head High is a joint venture between ill Price and vintner Sam Spencer. 
The brand’s name is derived from a surfing term to describe when the waves are as high as the head of the surfer. Spencer, an avid surfer, has worked in grape growing and winemaking for more than 20 years. Head High approaches the craft by respecting the natural thumbprint of the vineyard and emphasizing the link we all share with nature. Price and Spencer's shared enthusiasm for surfing and the outdoors provided an important blueprint when producing wines that, above all else, provoke unexpected exploration. 

The 2014 winter and spring were unusually dry. When the rains came the timing was opportune and the vines took full advantage. The first big rain gave the vines some much needed water before an early bud break. The temperate and dry conditions continued to promote growth. An exceptional summer gave way to perfect harvest conditions and teased out the nuances of our sites, developing complexity, aromatics and deep flavors.

Our sites were harvested during the cool hours of the evenings or early mornings. At the winery the berries were destemmed and began a four day cold maceration before being inoculated with select yeasts. Fermentation was smooth, allowing for the development of great color and the expression of plush fruit supported by elegant tannins. Working with committed growers, we draw attention to the perspective and scope of Sonoma Pinot Noir. We blend these individual lots to embrace the true breadth of Sonoma Pinot Noir. Aged 10 months in barrel with a portion of 25% new French oak. 2014 Head High is delicious, fresh and richly textured.

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