Hidden Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 55% Slope 2013  - Last Bottle

Hidden Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon 55% Slope 2013

COLLECTORS! Have we got a doozy for YOU today, oh yes!! 97+ Cabernet and best price on this planet, EVER!

This is a modern-day classic that could compete with very finest Cabernet-based wines in the world.” -- The Wine Advocate (97+)

THAT is some serious praise, along with calling it “reminiscent of the great classics from the golden era of the Mayacamas on the Napa side (such as the 1968, 1970, 1973 and 1974)”. So you can imagine the handstands, backflips, and cartwheels we were doing on scoring a few boxes of this blockbuster (truthfully, we can only do cartwheels). OFF. THE HOOK. Cabernet!

Got some? Sweet. Super limited today.

*** FYI -- this is the last vintage of the label Hidden Ridge. The winery is continuing as of 2014 as Immortal Estate. ***

Tim Milos and Marco di Giulio are the master winemakers behind this special property on the Sonoma side of the Mayacamas range. 100% Cabernet. 100% uber-concentrated, powerful, dense, crazy Cabernet that will grab your mouth, brain and olfactory sensors and NOT let go. NOT for the shy!! Get ON the roller-coaster of pure black currants, aromatic wood, toasted spices, and deep layers of Cabernet complexity. And make sure you do it at the best price you will ever see…! Truly and astounding score! Wow!!

Can anything taste as sweet as Immortality?

Of all Earth's creatures, only the Immortal jellyfish lives on forever.  As winemakers, we can aspire to create a wine that will stand the test of time. 

By dedicating ourselves to excellence in our pursuit of a wine that pairs infinitely well with life's finest moments, we hope to create memories that will last forever.

With every vintage we craft, we invite you to sip, savor and create your own, Immortal Moments.

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: North Coast California
Appellation: Sonoma County
Blend: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard: Hidden Ridge Vineyard
Winemaker: Timothy Milos
Alcohol: 15.40%

About The Producer

Hidden Ridge Vineyard is located in Sonoma County, Napa Valley.  The property was purchased in 1990, developed throughout the following years, and achieved a small but devoted following.  In 2016, new owners acquired the acclaimed Hidden Ridge property and its unique terroir. 

Two Estate Cabernet Sauvignons are produced from the vineyard – “Slope” and “Impassable Mountain” – and have consistently been rated 90+ by industry aficionados.

Immortal Estate is an evolution of the Hidden Ridge Vineyard, and the Immortal team (Randy Nichols, Tim Martin and Timothy Milos) brings their passion and extensive expertise in wine-making to their vision – to create truly “Immortal” wines.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Lamb, Game (deer, venison), Poultry

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