Lutum Chardonnay Sanford & Benedict Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills 2016  - Last Bottle

Lutum Chardonnay Sanford & Benedict Vineyard Sta. Rita Hills 2016

“Wait, what?”

“The 96-point ‘16 Sanford & Benedict is part of this liquidation?”

“The one that makes our mouths water in anticipation for its brilliant construction and sexy citrus flow??”


Boom boom boom, it’s #4 in our never-to-be-outdone LUTUM blowout extravaganza --- as Naughty by Nature is currently blasting in the back seat of our Peugeot wagon as we leave Avignon, France, they have nailed the essence of this wine --- “arm me with harmony”!

And harmony is what you get in truckloads of lush, complex Chardonnay -- a must at our stupendous, best-price-on-Earth price!! LUTUM has closed its doors to focus on other projects, and if you need a quick refresh on the story...LUTUM is one of the wineries run by the intrepid and brilliant Bill Price along with rockstar winemaker Gavin Chanin (just Google the press on his wines on top of what he does at Lutum!). Bill Price owns Three Sticks, Head High (a Last Bottle client all-time fave, if there ever was one…!) and he is an investor/owner in such glorious vineyards as Durell, Gap’s Crown and many others, and also has active interests in Kistler Vineyards and Gary Farrell wineries. This guy does NOT mess around! THE BEST!

Speaking of the best, THIS rocking-good Chard from the legendary S&B vineyard is stacked with tightly focused citrus and mint and crushed flowers --- long and complex and hyper-fresh. Get as much as you can!! At this price? 96 points??!!

BUT! But. There is a LOT LESS of this particular wine, so please MOVE crazy-quick to snag some -- we’re packing your box as we speak! An incredible buy -- wow! Will go in a flash!

Dear Friends,

It is a momentous time for LUTUM in which we announce that our partnership in the winery is transitioning to a close. The past few years have been a tremendous journey, and we truly appreciate the great interest in our wines and the amazing critical acclaim that they’ve consistently received.  It’s meaningful to us both that our partnership and wines were appreciated by so many — including ourselves!

We’ve enjoyed our endeavor immensely and have reached a time where we’ve both decided that our attention is best spent focusing on our own eponymous brands — Bill with Three Sticks Wines and Gavin with Chanin Wine Co.  As LUTUM was a collaboration featuring our favorite vineyards, you will see the same vineyard designates that you enjoyed with LUTUM between our two projects.

We invite you to join us in our other exciting adventures.  To sign up for the Chanin and Three Sticks mailing lists please visit our websites:  (Gavin’s wines from Sta. Rita Hills, and more)  (Bill’s wines from Price Family Vineyards: Durell and Gap’s Crown Vineyards)

We wish you all the best on your wine journeys!

Bill Price and Gavin Chanin


If you’re interested in acquiring some of our remaining wines, we have partnered with online retailer Last Bottle to offer our final inventory at special prices over the coming months.  You can sign up here for their list to receive their deal of the day, which may be for LUTUM, or for another interesting wine.

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: Santa Barbara County, Central Coast
Appellation: Santa Rita Hills
Blend: 100% Chardonnay
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vineyard: Soil Type: Gazos Clay Loam - Slope: 15-30%
Winemaker: Gavin Chanin
Aging/Cooperage: The fruit was pressed into French oak barrels (42% new), where it stayed for 13 months before being racked and lightly fined. It was then returned to barrel before being bottled unfiltered in January of 2018.
Harvest Date: September 16th and 21st
Alcohol: 13.50%
PH: 3.25

About The Producer

LUTUM was born from a shared vision between Bill Price, entrepreneur and owner Price Family Vineyards, and winemaker Gavin Chanin. Their wine focuses on small-production, single-vineyard Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from prime vineyard sites in California. The name LUTUM is Latin for dirt or soil, referencing their mission to make wines that express these great sites, with little to mask the vineyards’ natural character. Together, they are the Bards of LUTUM.

Pairing Suggestions

Pork, rich fish (salmon, tuna etc), vegetarian dishes, poultry.

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