Rivetti Massimo Langhe Pinot Nero 2015  - Last Bottle

Rivetti Massimo Langhe Pinot Nero 2015

**** mind. blown. ***

Pinot noir from Piemonte!! Land of our beloved Nebbiolo, the pilgrimage-level region of Barbaresco (where Rivetti is) and Barolo, comes a norm-busting, utterly fine, brilliant elegant, complex and incredibly good pinot nero (noir) from the Rivetti family. You’ve had some astoundingly good wines from Rivetti -- please WHATEVER you do, for the sake of all that’s good and fine in this world, grab a few of this 91-POINT uber-rarity in the world of wine!! WOW!!

Just SO good. Pinot with ultra-fine structure, silkiness, restraint. Thoughtful, warm, intellectual. Has elements of more traditional Piemonte flavors (that we love) like a whisper, a hint, a dreamcatch (yeah, we made that up) of orange peel and toasted fennel seed. Strawberries for days though, just sooooo elegant and finesse-filled. Savory, long and layered.

Did you know? All Rivetti’s wines are organically farmed, and the family are great proponents of the slow food movement and “back to the land” living. They raise animals. They make olive oil. They hunt truffles (amazing ones). And they are truly great winemakers. We love them. Anyway -- the pinot!! Wow! PLEASE, please get some of this -- not only will it rock you, you’ll be one of the few people on Earth to have any! THAT’S why we go to Italy at least twice a year -- to secure these uber-gems! OK. Got some? Great. Have a fine weekend!


~ Massimo Rivetti Philosophy

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Piemonte
Blend: 100% Pinot Noir
Varietal: Pinot Nero
Vineyard: Garassino, which is situated in the commune of Mango
Farming: Certified Organic
Aging/Cooperage: Fermented in French Oak barrels and aged 12 months in Austrian Oak barrels
Harvest Date: Mid September
Alcohol: 13%

About The Producer

Massimo Rivetti Family Farm with its 25 hectares, cultivated under the organic certification, grows both traditional and international grapes. The annual production is around 100.000 bottles, mainly divided between Barbaresco and Barbera d’Alba. All the fields are grouped around three farm houses: Froi, Garassino and Palazzina. Inside the first one, situated into the village of Neive, there is the winery which is built on Serraboella hill, one of the most important for the production of Barbaresco.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, veal, game (deer, venison), poultry

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