I Veroni Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018 (500mL)  - Last Bottle

I Veroni Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2018 (500mL)

Woo hooo! The new I VERONI 2018 EVOO is here! Finally! Same awesome price!

Hey, we don’t just drink well (at spectacular prices), we try to EAT well, too!! An AWESOME direct import of Tuscany’s FINEST legit 2018 EVOO!! We managed to throw on some of this with our last Chianti Riserva shipment, direct from the source you know and love for their killer Tuscan wines, and one of our all-time faves!

You already know this, but great, fine, true food can be as mind-altering and hedonistically satisfying as any great bottle of wine. Everyone remembers their first epiphany-level burger, pasta, pizza, fried chicken, sushi or whatever it is that gets your salivary glands into hyperdrive. This stuff is so delicious and complex, it’s easy to compare it to wine in trying to get to the heart of its alluring alchemy. Rich and mouthcoating, boldly fruity, with a fantastic peppery kick that reminds us of white peppercorns and even a touch of that awesome Sichuan pepper. Bold and musky/fruity, sweet grass, herbs…oh man. Drizzle it on steak, veggies, a legit Caesar salad, pasta, and of course, with endless loaves of crusty bread...AHHH! So good! This is SPECIAL stuff, it’s what they call “finishing” oil -- a drizzle makes virtually everything better. Amazing price!

You’d pay AT LEAST $35 at Whole Foods or wherever you shop for gourmet goodies. This super-fresh oil is VINTAGE --- 100% 2018 harvest, just-pressed Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino olives. Bottled especially for us in metal cans (better than glass, keeps longer too) and just arrived from the winery!

ONLY HERE --- fantastically priced, fresh off the I Veroni olive farm at the Estate!!  Super-limited --- while it lasts!

I Veroni Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced in the Chianti Rufina area in Tuscany. vThe Chianti Rufina district gives rise, by its nature, to a very intense and fragrant oil, elegant and genuine, worthy of expressing itself on the most refined dishes, enhancing the flavors without covering them.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Appellation: Chianti Ruffina

About The Producer

I Veroni Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced exclusively from olive berries carefully selected from the 20 hectares of olive trees where the Frantoio, Moraiolo and Leccino varieties are cultivated. The olives are hand picked during the month of November, and pressed immediately after the picking. A cold mechanical press is used to benefit the extraction. 

Pairing Suggestions

Fresh fish, drizzle on a nice steak, makes killer salad dressing, finish almost any dish you could think of with a drizzle and it takes it up a notch without covering up the natural flavors of the dish.

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