Stormy Weather Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2012  - Last Bottle

Stormy Weather Cabernet Sauvignon Napa Valley 2012

** Warning: fans of light, airy, easy-breezy red wines --- this is DEFINITELY not your day. Hit delete!

……...however….if COLOSSAL, lavish, double-94-POINT, speed-racer-pedal-to-the-metal Napa Valley Cabernet from a fantastic vintage (at the best price in the galaxy) is your jam, we want to say…..HURRY! Wow!! Incredibly limited...but a MUST for lovers of lush, plush, rich Cab at this silly price! Woo hoo!

How do we find these gems?? Man, it’s good being locals! Here’s the cool thing about this Cabernet --- it is made by Cameron Woodbridge, brother of Jayson Woodbridge of the culty, always-scores-huge HUNDRED ACRE (the 2012 Hundred Acre Cabernets scored 99 and 100 points from Parker’s Wine Advocate). Who knew? Not us, until this week! SO --- you can probably imagine the style: lavishly extracted, intense, concentrated, ripe, toasty and mouth-coating, with sweet Asian spices, tons of mulberry and black currant, opulent texture...actually perfect for this stormy weather we are having in Napa today...yes, sure, another glass please…

We’re loathe to say much more, as there is very little to go around. If you want some of this sexy beast, DO. IT. QUICK! While it lasts!

Rich aromas of blackberry jam with hints of menthol and aged pipe tobacco. The flavors are rich with ripe fruit; blackberries, cherries and currants, with hints of violets, anise and fresh-cut cedar. The finish is long with a slight minerality that accentuates the brightness of this jammy fruit bomb.

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: Napa Valley
Appellation: Napa Valley
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Winemaker: Cameron Woodbridge
Alcohol: 15.50%
Production: 661

About The Producer

Cameron Woodbridge started out helping his brother, Jayson Woodbridge, with a harvest in 2004. The next year he joined his brother's team and continued his learning from there. He also claims Philippe Melka as a mentor in addition to his brother. He started making his own wine in 2006 with the introduction of Stormy Weather.

Pairing Suggestions

Red meats, vegetables, creamy sauces

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