Halyard Sonoma Valley Brut 2013  - Last Bottle

Halyard Sonoma Valley Brut 2013

It was 108 in Napa yesterday. We drank 15 glasses of water and two bottles of this while running through the sprinklers and baking pizzas on the sidewalk. MORE THAN 70% OFF the original price!!! C’mon! What would you do????

For many of you long-time clients, Halyard will invoke deeply satisfying, endorphin-releasing waves of pleasure. We made this wine way back in 2011 from a super-secret source and it was a MASSIVE hit. We’ve never hit on a good enough source to make another batch until last year, when we purchased multiple vintages of ultra-premium bubbly from a much-loved (but now defunct, after selling the winery) producer, Robert Hunter. Three years “en tirage’” (on the lees) and a CRAZY price compared to what it went for under its original label.

At this stage in its life, the Halyard 2013 is SINGING. It has come together voluptuously with some bottle time, and fleshed out beautifully to complement its crisp apples, lemon/lime, sweet cream aromas, lemon meringue, and minerality. Racy, crisp, lip-smacking!! Our own bubbles! Trust your Napa wine merchant, you cannot go wrong here today!

** HALYARD, like SLEEPER, is a brand we own that allows us from time to time to pick up supa-sweet small parcels of “extra” wine from top wineries and winemakers, or certain wines from a winery that may have closed its doors, etc. We’re intensely serious about the quality (and price!), like everything we do. Just so you know all the details. **

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