Rivetti Massimo Barbaresco Froi 2014  - Last Bottle

Rivetti Massimo Barbaresco Froi 2014




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Last Bottle

Hey! Want to know a secret? 

(Yes, we landed on the moon and the earth is round). 

BARBARESCO is where the savviest, ahead-of-the-game wine geeks are putting their dollar-for-dollar kickass wine-appreciating money, and it is happening RIGHT NOW. They are NOT talking about it. I know this, because I, your humble scribe and closet Nebbiolo freak, am going absolutely bonkers, backflipping-around-the-warehouse, hey-man-you-gotta-try-this batpoop crazy for them (and so are my geekiest pals, not to mention Antonio Galloni from Vinous). This bottling of “Froi” from our much-beloved Rivetti, this gorgeous, lush, terrifically complex and amazingly satisfying bottle of heady, fine, joy-inducing deliciousness that will charm the pants off you is the MOST perfect example of why Barbaresco is so (quietly!!) on fire in some circles. Think of it like a stock tip, but way more tasty and will always only improve!

SO. Massimo Rivetti is one of our shining, angels-singing stars of all the wines we bring in. The quality is off the charts - esp. when you compare pricing to next-door-neighbor Barolo. “Froi” is a single-vineyard bottling, the “tete de cuvee” if you will, from the vineyards surrounding their home. It will probably cause a cascade of serotonin when you taste it. 

Like great Barolo, it is heady with aromas of orange pekoe tea, dried cherry, sweet raspberry and spices. A big, masculine wine with power and intensity but beautiful and finely tuned, pure and balanced, this drinks like something three times the price -- the regular $55 price!! At our price? Well, it’s pure, unabashed joy. A big, serious, complex wine with awesome potential - this can age for a decade easily! The only downside, of course, is the limited amount this tiny producer makes...please snag it QUICK! What a price!!

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91 points

“Subtle aromas of dried flowers, sandalwood and cherry. Full body, round and chewy. Plenty of new wood now. A year or two would soften it out. Drink now.”

~James Suckling

It takes the name of the farmhouse, being that it is a selection of grapes taken from the vineyards around the property. All the beauty and strength of the Piedmontese philosophy shows in this traditional wine. It is aged in large barrels of Slavonian oak (2500-litre casks) where it rests for two years. Elegant and fruity wine.

Technical Details

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Piemonte
  • Appellation: Barbaresco
  • Varietal: 100% Nebbiolo
  • Vineyard: Froi
  • Aging/Cooperage: 20 months in oak and minimum 6 in bottle
  • Harvest Date: first week of October
  • Alcohol: 14%

About The Producer

Massimo Rivetti Family Farm with its 25 hectares, cultivated under the organic certification, grows both traditional and international grapes. The annual production is around 100.000 bottles, mainly divided between Barbaresco and Barbera d’Alba. All the fields are grouped around three farm houses: Froi, Garassino and Palazzina. Inside the first one, situated into the village of Neive, there is the winery which is built on Serraboella hill, one of the most important for the production of Barbaresco. Froi is Located in the municipality of Neive, is the center of the winery, owned by Rivetti family since 1947. It has always devoted to wine production. The wine cellar is in the center with twelve hectares of vineyards around, it’s one of the oldest structures in the area (already mentioned in the military maps at the end of 1800). The vineyards are merged and favorably exposed to South, South-West and are located into two subzones of special election for the production of Nebbiolo, called RIVETTI and SERRABOELLA; here Nebbiolo, Barbera and Moscato vineyards with age between forty and seventy-five are mainly cultivated.

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Pasta, Lamb, Game (deer, venison)



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