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I Veroni Chianti Rufina La Rusticola 2018  - Last Bottle

I Veroni Chianti Rufina La Rusticola 2018




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Last Bottle

Need a blast of Tuscan sunshine, rolling hills, sunsets, magic and love in your life? Of course you do, we ALL do! Well, we GOT it -- the 2018 Chianti Rufina “Rusticola” is HERE, fresh off the container from Italy! Woo hoo! 50% OFF?! Priced to drink ON THE DAILY! Certified organic, racy, lip-smacking, rich and warm Chianti Rufina at its finest! We just wish we had more…

We are SO lucky to have discovered I Veroni when we did (right before they started crushing it with the critics) and it has been a Last Bottle uber-fave for many years. WHY? HUGELY overdelivering is why...these wines SING and are so crazily well-priced...ask someone who’s bought from us….they KNOW the deal!

Drink this immediately when it hits your office, porch, whatever. $15??!! Fun fact: “La Rusticola” is named for the woodcocks that arrive from Russia every winter in this part of Italy, often called by Italians “the Queen of the forest”

I VERONI, of course, is one of the very top Rufina estates (dating back to the 1500s!!), and this wine is made by none other than super-consultant Andrea Paoletti (ever heard of rockstar Super Tuscans Ornellaia and Tignanello??!) and winemaker/agronomist Paola De Blasi --we are blown away to have it priced like this. SO GOOD! Get it -- while we have it!

This is DARK Chianti! Deep! So perfumey of ripe cherries and plums and spices! Man, you are going to DIG this - for our price it’s amazing. Cherries for days, fresh and dried, ripe, warm, notes of cinnamon and blood orange, even a bit of cocoa, this is simply one of the biggest overachievers we have ever had from I Veroni, and we’ve had ‘em all!! Madness! Buy as much as you can before it disappears...

Free ground shipping on 6 or more bottles.

Why LA RUSTICOLA ? RUSTICOLA is the Latin name ( Scolopax Rusticola ) of a very fashionable and wild bird that is called in English: "WOODCOCK ", the reason we select this name is because the  vineyard where we produce the grapes for this wine are very closed to  a very humid forest area where during winter time many Woodcocks arrive flying and spend some days looking for earthworms ( they only eat this particular kind of warms )

Woodcock are not original from Italy but they arrive every winter  from Russia  when the snow storms start . Woodcock cannot find anything to eat with the snow and they start a natural migration and they look for warmer and humid places where they can survive during winter time , during the spring when snow in Russia start to go away they go back in their original forests , woodcock is also called in Italy " THE QUEEN OF THE FOREST "

Technical Details

  • Country: Italy
  • Region: Chianti
  • Appellation: Chianti Rufina
  • Blend: Sangiovese 90% Colorino 10%
  • Varietal: Sangiovese Blend
  • Vineyard: South/south-west , 30% slope
  • Aging/Cooperage: Fermentation with the skins for approximately 15 days; about one year maturation in French oak casks of 32 and 25 ; 6 months RELAXING in the bottle.
  • Alcohol: 15.00%

About The Producer

The history of the farm dates back, as an agricultural complex, to the end of the 1500s when it was owned by the noble Gatteschi family who built the first fermentation tanks of the musts, still visible today, and, as a building complex, at the beginning of the 12th century as watchtower inside an immense fief owned by the Counts Guidi, a tower that is no longer visible because it is incorporated in the buildings of the following centuries which led to the current building structure. The oldest historical document found, relating to Fattoria I Veroni as an agricultural complex, is dated 1582 and it is the testament of Bartolomeo d'Angiolo Gatteschi, personal physician of Cosimo I dei Medici, which describes the farms that make up the property of I Veroni and the vines present within the individual farms. The name "veroni" derives from "verone" term of the ancient Tuscan with which indicated a terrace, loggia, covered or uncovered, and in particular, in the agricultural environment, the covered terrace with which ends the external staircase of the houses of countryside; at the Fattoria I Veroni there were in fact large brick terraces, of which only one remains today, from which then the name of the building complex and the place, as well as, today, of the entire company and its wines. I Veroni is, today, a specialized, certified organic winery, located in the Chianti Rùfina territory and precisely in the Municipality of Pontassieve at a distance of about 10 km from the city of Florence.

Pairing Suggestions

A perfect companion for typical Tuscan red meat dishes, game and really great with egg fettuccine with porcini mushrooms or truffles.



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