Hunt McKay Cabernet Sauvignon Morisoli Vineyard 2013   - Last Bottle

Hunt McKay Cabernet Sauvignon Morisoli Vineyard 2013

Winery partnership, calling it quits, got a bunch of killer cabernet from a legendary vineyard, who ya gonna call?

You call your friends that you grew up with, that’s who. Hopefully you’ve already stopped reading and purchased, and are already back to chasing kids, flying 747s, playing pool, making a sandwich or whatever you were doing, but here are a few high points besides the PLANET-CRUSHING price…

- Scored 93 points from Parker in ‘09, 94 points in ‘10!!
- The legendary Morisoli vineyard in Rutherford (family owned for a century!!)
- The legendary winemaker Mike Trujillo (Herb Lamb, Karl Lawrence, Sequoia Grove…)
- Was $125! Powerhouse 2013 Napa vintage!! Not today!!

DON’T wait another moment here...will sell out in a flash…we always do when it comes to Napa Cab!

Zing! The powerful 2013 Napa vintage is quite deliciously apparent here --- this Cabernet is a punchy youth with a long life ahead...deep blackcurrant and blueberry, dark chocolate, earth, sweet tobacco, mineral and even a bit of that Bordeaux-like graphite note. This bad boy will only get better over the years, too, so we highly recommend burying a few in the cellar or closet or garage or wherever you need to hide it!! It is hard to believe…$75 OFF the original price! 60% off! Did we mention that? Gonna go lickety split...

A hand-crafted, limited production Napa Valley wine made with grapes farmed and harvested exclusively from Morisoli Vineyards, located just west of Rutherford. 

Technical Details

Appellation: Rutherford, Napa Valley
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Vineyard: Morisoli Vineyard
Winemaker: Michael Trujillo
Alcohol: 14.5

About The Producer

Hunt McKay was a small production label formed by the formidable partnership of winemaker, Michael Trujillo, and Danna McKay and Karen Hunt. They focused on producing one wine each year, sourced from a single vineyard and varietal. Their logo, three-wine glasses entwined, symbolized a toast to their friendship, their families, and to the passion it takes to create remarkable wines in the Napa Valley.

The Morisoli vineyard, owned by Gary and Melody Morisoli, sits near the base of Mount St. John in the Rutherford AVA. It has been family owned and managed for over 100 years. Two varietals are planted there, Zinfandel and Cabernet, and each thrives in the light, dusty soil of the area. Michael worked closely with Gary during production, and the Rutherford AVA delivered bold, rich, red and black fruit for this wine.

Pairing Suggestions

Ribeye steaks, game meats, aged cheeses  

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