Chateau Senejac Haut-Medoc 2015 (375mL)  - Last Bottle

Chateau Senejac Haut-Medoc 2015 (375mL)

Freeze!! It is highly suggested you spend the next 30 seconds snagging as much of this screaming deal as you can --- do whatever you have to….this will go in a flash!

BORDEAUX! Small enough to pack this 92-93 POINTER from the mind-blowing 2015 vintage in your glove box, purse, bottom desk drawer, whatever so you are ALWAYS ready. We believe in preparedness at all times here at Last Bottle, yes indeed. So when the opportunity arose while in Bordeaux last fall, we JUMPED and bought all we could --- and it just landed in the warehouse!! Did we mention 92-93 points?? C’mon! Crazy deal!

This ‘15 from Senejac is a tightly wound, serious and dark Cab/Merlot/Cab Franc with a LOT going on --- in fact it is still a baby and will definitely only get better the next few years, if you can stash a few (and at this price we scored, you CAN). Chewy and dense for a wine at this price, with good acidity propping it all up, the nose rockets out with red cranberry, rhubarb, pie dough, your mouth it is surprisingly soft considering everything going on and you get all the cool Bordeaux notes of tobacco, mineral, and cedar. The only thing that might make it better would be a big hunk of killer cheese!!

We don’t expect this to last long...a HUGE no-brainer in our book!! While it lasts...

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Technical Details

Alcohol: 13.50%

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