I Veroni Chianti Rufina Quona Riserva 2014  - Last Bottle

I Veroni Chianti Rufina Quona Riserva 2014

We love absolutely everything about this wine, even at 8:52 AM.

  • It’s 90-point Tuscan, soul-warming, invigorating goodness.

  • “QUONA” is nice to say. Try it. See? Your day is already better.

  • It’s a Last Bottle all-time favorite for many years: I VERONI!!

  • It’s organic, pure and utterly mouth-watering, in fact, we are boiling some organic pasta right now to which we add freshly crushed organic heirloom tomatoes, garlic, maybe some basil...oh you know what we mean. So much YUM happening.

  • THE PRICE!! C’mon!! Best on this planet!

Seriously, though, I VERONI makes one of the finest classic Chiantis in the whole Rufina appellation and it has that special note of tangerine that we love so much about Sangiovese when it’s done right, along with crushed red berries and pastry crust spice notes. It’s a Riserva, too, so it’s got nice weight and a rounder mouthfeel than some. It’s perfect, there is nothing to do but let it wash over your mouth and spread the love. BUT...always a but...2014 is a smaller vintage, and alas, we didn’t get much...grab it quick if you love this winery as much as we do!!!

In the Middle Ages the vineyard and farmland of I Veroni formed part of the extensive feudal estates, in the Arno valley, of the Conti Guidi family. At the beginning of the 20th century, it was bought by Carlo Malesci, whose family still own it today.

The name I Veroni is derived from the wide terraces surrounding the farm where many years ago tobacco leaf and grain from the Arno valley was dried. Today the farm lies in the Pontassieve Hills- the vineyards cover 15 hectares and 20 hectares are planted with olives.

Technical Details

Country: Italy
Region: Tuscany
Appellation: Chianti Rufina
Varietal: 100% Sangiovese
Vineyard: Vineyards in San Martin at Quona
Winemaker: Andrea Paoletti
Farming: Organic viticulture
Aging/Cooperage: Aged in French oak barrels for 16-18 months, before being bottled and stored for 8-10 months
Alcohol: 14.50%

About The Producer

Lorenzo Mariani is the 4th generation of his family to manage the I Veroni estate. His grandfather Umberto began bottling and selling his pure Sangiovese wine in 1957. Lorenzo began his involvement with the winery almost 40 years later, in 1996. With the assistance of enologist Andrea Paoletti, Lorenzo replanted 20 hectares of vines and introduced organic viticulture, which was certified in 2013.

I Veroni also has a large farm residence, the Pianottolo farmhouse. Today it offers lodging for tourists who wish to wish to stay in the countryside while visiting the Florence area.

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