Chateau de Corcelles Rose d'une Nuit 2017  - Last Bottle

Chateau de Corcelles Rose d'une Nuit 2017

Here’s the thing. “Rose all day”? It’s just…real. When we open a bottle of LEGIT French rose in the morning...well, it just gets sipped all day long, trust us. No shame!! For this price??

Hailing from 40+ year-old vines (!) growing at 1200 feet in the Beaujolais region, Corcelles' lovely, bracing, flavorful, long, lithe, sexy rose is quite literally mouth-watering. As in, you’re probably going to need some oysters or goat cheese or something to maximize the goodness even more! Strawberry, rose petal, cantaloupe, white peach, yes, it’s all there, but it’s subtle and elegant, too, with the imperative freshness and acidity to keep the flavors pumping. So much YUM. Bone dry, brisk and just…delicious! What else does killer rose need to be?!

Lovely price. Lovely package. A winery dating back to the 15th century! We’re getting on Expedia right now and looking at plane tickets to warm places. How about you? FEELIN’ IT! Not a lot of this…grab it while we've got it!

Chateau de Corcelles Estate has a rich history thanks to the legacy of previous generations. The Richard family has proudly continued the tradition and brought a new focus to bear on the quality of the wines.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Beaujolais
Varietal: 100% Gamay
Aging/Cooperage: The nights are short during the harvest, 4 to 6 hours maximum. It is also the duration of maceration of the grapes before pressing. Will follow a fermentation at low temperature for nearly a month. Kept in stainless steel vats until the spring.
Alcohol: 13.50%

About The Producer

In the 15th century Antoine de Laye decided to rebuild the Chateau de Corcelles on the foundations of a much older stronghold, built during the Carolingian period. At that time, the Douby River, which flows a few meters from the Chateau, was the boundary between the dioceses of Autun and Lyon and the counties of Burgundy and Beaujolais. Today, the river marks the border between the administrative departments of Saone et Loire and Rhone.

In the 16th century, the Château became the property of the Ragny de La Magdeleine family. The family played a key role, especially by incorporating the French Renaissance style that characterizes the inner courtyard of the Château. At the end of the 16th century, and for the next four hundred years, the Château was owned by the Tircuy de La Barre family. Gradually, the name of La Barre was replaced by Corcelles. 

The Château has been listed as a National Heritage since 4 February 1927. The Richard family took over this prestigious domain in 1984 with the intention of making great wines in a breathtaking location.

Pairing Suggestions

Pairs well with goat cheese and shellfish!

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