Jean Collet Cuvee Delphine 2016  - Last Bottle

Jean Collet Cuvee Delphine 2016

White Burgundy! Chardonnay, from certainly one of the greatest places on this planet to grow it (just outside the Chablis appellation), pure as the driven snow, absurdly well-priced (How do we do it?? We often wonder, too, sometimes…), and here to set your skin all a-tingle. OVER 50% off! Drink it up!

There are a LOT of Collets in this area making wine. This project (Cuvee Delphine) is a collaboration between cousins Jean and Romain Collet (Romain is a well-known and highly respected winemaker) from a special parcel just outside of the town of Tonnerre (owned by Romain’s sister), northeast of Chablis. It is…well...crazily underpriced considering the level of deliciousness, not to mention the utterly fantastic quality of 2016. It’s organic and unsulphured, too! Bonus!

SO --- think PURE, clean, racy and fresh-as-the-day-is-long. Citrus, of course, also a dash of melon and pear/apricot notes, but really it’s ALL about the minerality, stoniness and no-oak character that just sets your mouth and salivary glands all alight. LOVE IT! Chablis! Priced like THIS? So rare --- get more than you think you will want is our advice! It will go fast and who KNOWS when we can score something like this again!

'Our paths may change as life goes along, but, the bond between us remains ever strong.  Love you sister...'

~ anonymous (brother to sister quotes)

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Tonnerre
Appellation: Tonnerre
Varietal: Chardonnay
Vineyard: Les Vaux de l'Aumone - The Valley of Charity
Winemaker: Romain Collet
Farming: Organic in transition to Ecocert
Aging/Cooperage: 2/3 stainless steel tanks, 1/3 large wood ovals that are 6 years old for the oldest parcel of Chardonnay
Alcohol: 12.50%
Production: 583

About The Producer

In Chablis, the Collet family goes back to 1792. Romain Collet, who has made the wine of the domaine for eight years now, is the son and grandson of two great Chablisienne winemakers, Gilles and Jean Collet. His mother is Dominique, and her family is just as venerable in Chablis. Dominique and her family hail from Tonnerre, which is a short 20-minute country drive from the center of Chablis. For several generations Dominique's family has owned two plots of Chardonnay in Tonnerre's finest vineyard called Les Vaux de l'Aumone, which means the Valley of Charity. Of the two plots, one was planted in the 1960's and one in the 1970's. With the passing of Dominique's mother, the vines came to Delphine Collet, Romain's sister. As a chiropractor, Delphine thought she might continue the family practice of selling the fruit of the vineyard to the local cooperative. Romain, however, had always felt the Chardonnay of Les Vaux de l'Aumone was far too good for the local cooperative, so he convinced his sister to allow him to make the wine. Voila! 2016 is the first vintage of "Cuvée Delphine." In making the wine, Romain gave the fruit the same respect he gives his 1er and Grand Cru Chablis. Hand-harvested fruit, meticulous sorting, indigenous yeast for fermentation, patient timing of bottling and resting the wine. The wine was vinified in stainless steel for the fruit from the '70's plot and large wooden ovals for the fruit from the '60's plot.

Pairing Suggestions

Pasta with butter and herbs, fish, poultry.

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