Angela Estate Pinot Noir Angela Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton 2015  - Last Bottle

Angela Estate Pinot Noir Angela Vineyard Yamhill-Carlton 2015

BOOM! Red Friday is back! We may be sitting here all alone in the office with a pounding turkey hangover (we’re sure the 3 Liter of Brunello di Montalcino had NOTHING to do with that!!) and we’ve got a fever...and the only cure is…SUPER SALE! We promise, there are some mind-blowing deals coming today!!

Yep, we’re going to rock out 5 or 6 wines today, wines we buy in smaller quantities than normal, but at utterly WICKED, ain’t-ever-going-to-see-it-again prices. YES! Some seriously serious juice, too --- just wait!! Black Friday, Chateauneuf Friday, Napa Cab Friday, whatever --- it’s ON!!

WINE #1!! Pinot!

Yes, yes, 2015 is an impeccably awesome vintage in Oregon, but the real thing here to know is (aside from our insane price) winemaking legend KEN WRIGHT is behind this project (one of the very few he does besides his own) and it is a MIRACLE of sorts to even HAVE any of this. At $19?? C’mon!

This gets nice press every year (91 points for the ‘14) and we expect this will too, in such a vaunted vintage! Plums! Raspberry preserves! Smooth, silky, rich and packed with secondary notes of dark cocoa and perfumey cedar. We encourage you to Google this producer for more info --- this is serious stuff, and we are one of the few to have the stunning 2015!! Get it while we have it!! Woo hoo!

Angela Estate is a family winery in Oregon with an international pedigree. The winery is a collaboration owners, Antony & Angela Beck and winemakers, Ken Wright and Alban Debeaulieu.  They focus on creating single-vineyard Pinot Noirs from our estate in Yamhill-Carlton and they will soon have Chardonnay from the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: Willamete Valley, Oregon
Appellation: Yamhill-Carlton District
Blend: 100% Pinot Noir
Varietal: Pinot Noir
Winemaker: Ken Wright
Aging/Cooperage: 11 months in 30% New French Oak
Alcohol: 13.50%
PH: 3.75
TA: 5.7g/100mLs
Production: 8500

About The Producer


Ken Wright met Antony Beck at a charity event in Lexington, Kentucky through a mutual friend, Rob Rosenstein. The auction and event were held at nearby thoroughbred horse farm (Gainesway), owned and operated by Antony and Angela Beck. The auction and the introduction were a success. The Becks and the Wrights made fast friends and a discussion about a project in Oregon was forged.

Beck had fallen in love with Pinot Noir with his South African winery, Graham Beck. Started by his father, the winery had specialized in making Pinot Noir into sparkling wine on that side of the world. He hoped to make an equally magnificent still wine on the other side. Oregon proved to be the ideal location for Beck.

Rosenstein and Beck decided to invest in a venture. “Our intention was then is as it is now: to make the best wine in Oregon, with the best fruit and the best wine maker,” said Beck. The duo purchased the land that was to become known as the Clawson Creek vineyard, located on Savannah Ridge directly beneath Abbott Claim vineyard in the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. Under the watchful eye of vineyard manager, Mark Gould and winemaker, Ken Wright, the first 21 acres were planted in 2006. The remaining 13 acres were planted in 2007. The winery was named “Angela” in honor of Beck’s wife and “Clawson Creek Vineyard” in honor of Rosenstein’s.  In 2010, the winery and the vineyard names changed exclusively to “Angela Estate.”

Pairing Suggestions

Beef, Veal, Game (deer, venison), Poultry

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