Broken Earth Winery Cabernet Sauvignon CV Reserve 2012  - Last Bottle

Broken Earth Winery Cabernet Sauvignon CV Reserve 2012

Hey - your wine rack called - it needs more 92-POINT rip-roaring Cabernet at (!!) nearly 65% OFF!! Woo hoo! We never get enough!

Not for the shy!! But definitely for those who crave maximum flavor and intensity at a wicked, wicked price! Continental Vineyards (CV) is, interestingly, California’s largest winery to run completely on alternative energy. Maybe it’s all those solar panels, but these guys made a KNOCKOUT 2012 Reserve Cabernet, that when it crossed our tasting bar, the whole room said: “uh...yeah...we need to get as much of this as we can…”

Basically, this is like riding a bucking horse- if that horse was blueberry pie, brambly blackberry preserves, your Mom’s homemade pie crust and vanilla bean. It’s broad and mouthcoating, ripe, and velvety...just pedal-to-the-metal Paso Robles juice! Drinking perfectly, right now, the moment the box hits your doorstep, office or wherever you get our vinous gifts delivered! Have a corkscrew handy!!

We bought as much as they’d give us...grab it while we have it…!

The term CV refers to the original vineyard holdings on our estate, Continental Vineyards, and this very limited wine is only produced in execptional vintage years. In 2012, we achieved perfect fruit ripeness, resulting in a wine of outstanding depth. Beginning with the nose: blackcurrants, pine needles, along with underlying oak spices paint the picture of international appeal. This cohesion of integrated flavors easily translates to a mouth feel full of blueberry sensations and silky tannins. The linear finish leaves a rejuvenated palate that is not overwhelmed by over structured tannin, showing that a bigger wine is not always better.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Appellation: Paso Robles
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Winemaker: Chris Cameron
Aging/Cooperage: Only new oak is used and the average aging is 23 months.
Harvest Date: October 2012
Alcohol: 14.60%
PH: 3.73

About The Producer

Broken Earth, as a brand, was born from the heritage of the vineyard property originally named “Rancho Tierra Rejada” or land of worked or
farmed earth. Farmers for generations have cultivated and ‘broken’ the soil in the region with care and respect. Broken Earth Winery is the largest winery in California’s Central Coast to run completely on alternative energy. It was also one of the first in California to use a system that actively tracks the sun allowing the Winery to efficiently operate on 100% solar power. In Paso Robles we are blessed with the perfect climate for growing grapes. By using alternative energy, we are doing our part to protect our environment while continuing to produce the highest quality wine.

Pairing Suggestions

There are many special dishes and occasions that can pair with this wine, but in our humble opinion, only one reigns supreme: seared lamb. Take three-inch lamb cutlets, brush with olive oil, black pepper, and garlic, then sear from the bottom and quickly flip to finish.

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