Salmon Champagne Cuvee Selection Montgolfiere NV  - Last Bottle

Salmon Champagne Cuvee Selection Montgolfiere NV

I’M BAAAAAAACK!!! -- Aerosmith

Champagne Salmon! All-time, most-loved, world-class, ultra-chronic Last Bottle super-fan-fave bubbly is BACK -- with all the energy and electricity of skydiving into the Grand Canyon over a fireworks display on the 4th! YES! 50% OFF, hot-off-the-press and zinging its way right into your heart…AGAIN. Just landed in Napa direct from the winery in Chaumuzy!

Yup, it’s like that. It’s no secret we love the father/son, third-generation Salmon house, with their hot-air ballooning passion displayed on the label and in the bottle. The house is rightly famous for their Pinot Meunier-heavy blends, as this one is --- man, it just POPS with baskets of apples, quince, ginger, white flowers, candied citrus and sweet grapefruit! ROARS and SINGS across your palate with joyful purity. YEAH! Clean and crisp, it’s not a wine weighed down by oak or lees. Just pure, racy, minerally joy! Did we mention the price? Because, well - wow. This is super-rare to see in the States, and at the price we snagged --- well, the Friday party is already in full swing around here!

This cuvee from Salmon is somewhat limited and CRAZY popular with you all --- best to move lightning quick if you can! While it lasts...!

The first nose evokes fruity aromas of apple, pear, peach, blackcurrant, with spicy notes of black pepper, cumin delicately enhanced by scents of wallflower and mimosa. The aeration of the Champagne reveals notes of heady rose, pomelo, candied apricot, with accents of ginger and green tea. The approach in the palate is supple and fresh with a creamy and mellow effervescence. The Champagne develops fleshy pulpy freshness supported by a fresh acidity and lemony nuance of grapefruit. The mid-palate is orchestrated by a clay-limestone minerality that gives a tactile and patinated breadth of fruit, elegance and fruity resonance. The balanced and fresh is slender to a consistent finish with candied fruitiness and well-rounded by spicy nuances and candied citrus zest.

Technical Details

Country: France
Region: Champagne
Appellation: Marne Valley - Chaumuzy
Varietal: 50% Meunier, 25% Chardonnay, 25% Pinot Noir
Winemaker: Alexandre Salmon
Alcohol: 12%
TA: 9g/100mLs

About The Producer

Nothing does greater justice to the history of our house – spanning three generations in Chaumuzy – than the fragile wicker nacelle with an inflated sail. Flying over Champagne in a hot-air balloon, as we like to do, anchors us down to this terroir. We take it to heart to express tradition and exception through the quality and finesse of our productions. Our family passion for traveling in hot-air balloons is akin to that which makes us gather in the vineyards, around the great grape press and in the cellars where we elaborate the cuvées of the house Salmon.

Pairing Suggestions

Cheeses, meaty dishes, seafood.

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