Coho Red Headwaters Napa Valley 2014  - Last Bottle

Coho Red Headwaters Napa Valley 2014

Killer Cab alert! Stop at nothing, NOTHING, to lock it in! COHO!

There is absolutely nothing that will dissuade us from telling you right now that COHO is one of the finest Napa reds we offer whenever we can get it. We have NEVER met a soul who didn’t say: “I believe that last night, drinking this, I achieved true nirvana, and the darkness was driven from my soul” or something to that effect.

Please, take a moment, carefully assess the quality of what you are drinking right now (you are, right?), or at least what you are GOING to be drinking, and then surrender to the lush, rich, succulent-ness that is COHO. These wines are outrageously good, and EVERYONE loves them. The winemaker is Phillip Corallo-Titus (of Chappellet stardom and several 99 and 100 pointers…)!

Did you read this far? Might be too late, someone’s going to get the last bottle and a $50 credit!

Seriously, (dudes, no SERIOUSLY), Coho is one of our all-time fave Cabs that doesn’t cost $100--- it is rock-solid, a massive over-deliverer, and we’d put it up there with wines like Mondavi Reserve, Paradigm, Phelps...just straight-up killer year after year!! And at this price..!! Trust us, GET MORE than you think you will want…

We always have one word for this lovely, purely SATISFYING Cab --- seamless (we mean it, no seams!!). It’s packed with blue fruits, soft, silky tannin, toasty French oak, blackberry liqueur, warm spices...just hitting all the right buttons. Pure, beautifully made, lush, and it will totally blow you away at the price. WOW!

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The first vintage with Philip Titus (of Chappellet) at the winemaking helm, this is one of the best Headwaters yet!

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: California North Coast
Appellation: Napa
Blend: 56% cabernet sauvignon, 33% merlot, 11% petite verdot
Varietal: Proprietary Red
Winemaker: Philip Carralo Titus
Alcohol: 14.90%

About The Producer

Coho is the aspiration of vintner Gary Lipp to produce flavorful, balanced wines. Grown in select cool-climate vineyards, Coho wines emphasize fruit purity and vitality. Gary has worked  for California wineries for almost thirty-five years: involved in all aspects of the craft, acquiring the skills to bottle his passion.

The choice of Coho as the name of the brand might seem curious as it doesn’t invoke images of vineyards or wine, but for Gary the salmon embodies an innate wisdom so essential to understanding ourselves and our environment. As stewards of the land winemakers must strive to sustain our habitat and the species that share it. And like the salmon we need the steadfast will to keep going no matter how difficult the journey.

Pairing Suggestions

Grilled, marinated skirt steak.

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