Gallica Red Shake Ridge Ranch Amador County 2014  - Last Bottle

Gallica Red Shake Ridge Ranch Amador County 2014

Rosemary Cakebread’s eye-popping, richly delicious, 94-POINT complex red blend here on a quiet Sunday morning? OH YES --- it’s ON!! Wow!

Did we say wow? We did? …’Cause…dang!! This wine is seriously badass, hailing from the much-coveted Shake Ridge vineyard -- it’s a “GSM” blend (Grenache, Syrah, Mourvedre), so think of it as a cranked-up California version of a modern, sexy Chateauneuf-du-Pape producer. To quote Vinous: “Rosemary Cakebread's GSM blend, is rich and deeply expressive, with the Grenache character very much front and center. Sweet red cherry, mint, tobacco, cedar and pomegranate are given an extra kick of aromatic intensity and translucency…”.

Exactly! And 94 points! If you’ve never had a Gallica wine, boy is it time. Her Cabernets are all the rage at the moment among CA Cab collectors, and she makes even less of these beauties. The warm compote, light-on-its-feet sweet red cherry fruit is so silky and wonderful here, and it comes swinging in on the second half of the brief period it is in your mouth, with spearmint, sandalwood, and Asian spices...BEAUTIFULLY integrated and harmonious!! 94 POINTS, Rosemary Cakebread at the helm...just wow!! OK --- while it lasts…!

Located in the gently rolling Sierra foothills of California, farming at Shake Ridge Ranch is skillfully managed by Ann Kraemer. Rhone varietals are perfectly suited to the geologically rich soils and continental climate producing complex and expressive wines. Situated on the Sierra uplift at approximately 1500- 1700 feet (450 -520 m), we harvest Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Viognier to make a cohesive blend. Dried cherry, blood orange, pomegranate and crushed rock dominate the flavors with gentle tannins and vibrant acidity. We favor large format cooperage for aging these smart wines.

Technical Details

Country: USA
Region: Sierra Foothills, CA
Appellation: Amador County
Blend: 53% Syrah, 34% Grenache, 11% Mourvèdre and 2% Viognier
Varietal: Rhone Style Red Blend
Vineyard: Shake Ridge
Winemaker: Rosemary Cakebread
Alcohol: 14.0%

About The Producer

Gallica is nestled in the heart of Napa Valley amongst historic vineyards, coastal oaks, our gardens and olives. Heritage Petite Sirah and Cabernet Sauvignon are rooted in gravelly Cortina soils ambling off nearby Sulphur Creek. Our home is a handsome barn, contemporary and fresh, standing side by side with weathered vines.  We strive to practice lightly touching the land from the tending of our vines, thoughtful winemaking methods, to the simplicity of our packaging, Winemaker Rosemary Cakebread’s vision for a wine of her own, eventually called GALLICA, grew slowly. Inspired by earlier work at prestigious properties in both Napa Valley and Bordeaux, wines  were made and a brand grew. The philosophy is a simple one: to craft elegant single vineyard wines farmed organically which accurately depict the site and the story of each unique vintage. GALLICA makes Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Grenache, Albariño, Syrah and limited bottlings of estate Cabernet Sauvignon and Petite Sirah. The brand symbol is a tribute to the ancient rose, their aromatics, and enhancement to winemaking. We love what we do and are fortunate to call Napa Valley home.

Pairing Suggestions

Age it for three to five years (or more), or pair it now with charcuterie, lamb, duck, a smattering of nuts, aged cheese.

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