Knot Wines Threefoil Cabernet Sauvignon 2016  - Last Bottle

Knot Wines Threefoil Cabernet Sauvignon 2016

!!  Ready? IT. IS. ON!!

One does not simply “drink” this over 65% OFF, most-excellent-2016-vintage Napa Valley Cabernet -- no. One quietly revels in the bright blackberry fruit, one ponders the toasted Asian spice…

...oh, baloney. This is simply great Napa Cabernet at a wicked-crazy price. Let us tell you why! Threefoil is a brand we started some years ago (our Sleeper brand started in 2005) when we bought a HUGE stash of super high-quality wine from a brand that was closing its doors called Open Range (you guys who’ve been with us for years will know how face-meltingly awesome these wines were for the $$). We use it on and off when a kickass batch of something turns up because someone needs some cash (Good thing we are friends with about 157 winemakers). We taste it. IF we love it (the MOST important part), we buy it and bottle it. Easy-peasy. Such is the case today --- this wine came from a VERY, VERY well-known producer (with a cover-of-Wine-Spectator-level winemaker!!) who had some extra wine, plain and simple. They charge $85 for it. We charge $29. Same wine. BLISS.

...and let us tell you a bit about that, shall we? 2016, if you haven’t heard it from us or CNN or Wine Spectator, etc, is a GREAT, classic, top-class vintage. Also a generous one, so there is a bit more wine than maybe every winery wants. That’s where we come in. This 2016 is DARK. Saturated red/blue Cabernet, baby! The nose pops with spicecake, raspberry jam, toasted cardamom and clove, with good freshness but a pretty luxurious texture and just a bit of masculine grip. Mostly, it’s on the hyper-delish and hedonistic side and...did we mention...the melon-popping price…??!!!

While it lasts..!

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