St. Clement Cabernet Sauvignon Oroppas Napa Valley 2013  - Last Bottle

St. Clement Cabernet Sauvignon Oroppas Napa Valley 2013

Earthquake? Alien invasion?

NO, silly, it’s just another planet-shaking deal, yo. We got so much love from our gobsmacking almost-70%-OFF, $8 primo rosé offer yesterday, we thought: “But the red drinkers! They need love, too!” 

But not just ANY red - we love you too much for that. St. Clement Cabernet Sauvignon Oroppas, baby -- wow!! 93 POINTS --- nearly 60% OFF --- it is arguably one of our finest Napa Cabernet offers ever, don’t cha think??

ARE YOU HURRYING? Good - because you don’t have to run faster than the bear, you just need to run faster than the person next to you!! But with all seriousness --- do whatever you can -- Cabernet is a rare beast even on a good week, but THIS?? Run, run, run, no walking…good luck!

OK, to the sweet succulent, vinous goodness. Oh, wait, fun fact first: “Oroppas” is Sapporo backwards (they owned St. Clement for a time in the late 80s and introduced this now-famous “Bordeaux blend” in 1991). In any case, it was a huge hit and has been coming back into cool-kid status the last few vintages. To have it at a price like this (we mentioned 93 points right??) is simply ….RAD!! It POPS with blackberry jam, ripe, dark plums, and something like this awesome clafoutis my wife makes (think baked ripe fruit in custard-y cake). It’s DARK and concentrated, beefy, even, with notes of Kahlua and Asian spices -- rich and mouthcoating. So terrifically off the hook for a wine originally priced at $70!! While it lasts…!!

Remarkably complex and expressive, the 2013 Oroppas opens with ripe dark blue and black fruit accented by appealing notes of mocha, cedar, and vanilla. The palate is large-scaled and generously showcases a concentrated, sturdy structure with flavors of plum, dark cherry, and mocha. While approachable now, this wine will age gracefully for 10 or more years. The first vintage of Oroppas was made in 1991, and over the years the rich, opulent Bordeaux-style blend has become a style icon for St. Clement. Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards in Rutherford, Diamond Mountain, Oakville and St. Helena contributed the vast majority of the 2013 Oroppas blend, along with hillside fruit from Mount Veeder, creating a unique and sophisticated expression of Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon. Using fruit from this varied group of vineyards is one of the signatures of Oroppas. Each varietal and vineyard lot was aged separately for nineteen months until the final wine was blended just before bottling, including a small percentage of Cabernet Franc, contributing perfume and bright fruit notes.

Technical Details

Country: United States
Region: Napa Valley
Appellation: Napa Valley
Blend: Bordeaux Blend
Varietal: Cabernet Sauvignon
Aging/Cooperage: Each varietal and vineyard lot was aged separately for nineteen months until the final wine was blended just before bottling.
Alcohol: 14.8%

About The Producer

St. Clement's portfolio of stunning Napa Valley wines is anchored by the flagship Oroppas Cabernet Sauvignon. The first vintage of Oroppas was made in 1991, and over the years, it has become a style icon for St. Clement — a rich, opulent Bordeaux-style blend that emphasizes concentration, depth and velvety tannins. The key to Oroppas is having a palate of consistent flavor profiles and tannin structures to work for the blend. In addition to our own vineyards, St. Clement has been working for years to build relationships with some of the top winegrowers in Napa Valley's most sought-after sub-appellations, including Diamond Mountain, Howell Mountain, Mount Veeder, Rutherford and Spring Mountain. Each vineyard brings its own individual qualities to the blend, whether in aroma, structure or depth, but by blending them all together you are left with a wine that is rich and sophisticated. 

Pairing Suggestions

Beef and venison. Stew, gorgonzola and blue cheeses.

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